about meru coffee millers union

Our Objectives

Meru Coffee Millers has identified the following five objectives and strategies to reach thes

  • To reach out to the main specialty coffee importers worldwide and establish the first contacts with them:
  • To increase Meru’s visibility as a specialty coffee supplier in the world
  • To ensure that coffees fit with the specific quality needs and requirements of future customers
  • To ensure solid supply of parchment coffee from members to MCCMCU
  • To fetch good prices for the producers supplying to MCCM

Our History

Meru Coffee Millers is a Co-Operative Union which was formed by all the co-operative societies in Meru County with the aim of milling and marketing coffee centrally. Forty-eight (48) Coffee Co-operative Societies are affiliated to the union; one of the societies is formed by Estates within the county, 34 others from Meru Central Coffee Cooperative Union and 13 from Meru North Coffee Cooperative Union. Meru County Coffee Cooperative union (MCCMCU) was incorporated on 30th January 2014 under registration No. CS/16071, and it was officially launched on 28th February 2014, thus the union started its operations on 29th February 2014.

Since its establishment MCCMCU LTD, has been playing a vital role of transforming coffee farming communities by gaining better means to livelihood thus contributing to alleviate poverty in rural areas. This has been achieved by ensuring our coffee farmers are serviced with advanced extension services as a unique mechanism to produce high quality and quantity Mild Arabica coffee to compete in the World market by fetching reasonable price.

The Union recently managed to acquire a coffee commercial marketing license from the coffee industry i.e. Coffee Directorate of Agriculture Fisheries and Food Authority.  We are now able to participate in Nairobi Coffee Exchange – Central Auctions as well as Direct Sales.


To be a coffee Miller and Marketer of choice in Kenya.


We offer superior services and competitive returns to our members and commit to supply quality coffee to our customers.

Core Values

  • Respect for customers
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork


Meru Coffee Millers is managed by a team of able seasoned leaders forming a Board of Directors elected by the farmers from both Co-operative and Individual Estates. BOD is headed by an elected Chairman.


Mr. Duncan Marete

Mr. Marete is responsible for running the union on a day to day basis assisted by heads of departments that includes Mr John Karira the Operation’s Manager,  Mr Anderson Rucha the Quality Assurance Manager and others. The CEO also advises and oversees all the coffee marketing activities. 

Board of Directors

Board Members

Meru Coffee Millers Union is headed by a Board of Directors (BOD) chaired by Mr. Zablon Mbaabu.