Have you ever wondered how is milled?

Milling of coffee is achieved through the following process steps as indicated in the flow diagram below

  1. Hulling is meant to remove 100% of the outer skin (husk)
  2. Clean coffee is received from the cleaner by means of bucket elevators and pipes.
  3. The machine operator monitors the de-stoner by adjusting the inclination of the table deck.
  4. The coffee moves to the polisher by means of bucket elevators and pipes.

Polishing is meant to remove at least 50% of the silver skin.

  1. Clean hulled coffee is received from the huller by means of bucket elevators and pipes.
  2. If targets indicated above are not achieved, the coffee is reworked before grading on authority by the Machine Operator/Shift Supervisor.
  3. The polisher operator monitors and adjusts feed rate and slide weight accordingly and also verifies husk disposal.
  4. The coffee is then delivered for grading to the grader through a bucket elevator. 

Hulling and polishing is a continuous process on our machine. The operator needs to adjust the weight according to the type of coffee being hulled.

  1. Coffee is received at the grader and passed through different screens for grading by size.
  2. Each grade attained is conveyed by elevator to a storage tank   where it will be fed to the density table through a bucket elevator and conveyor belts.
  3. The coffee is delivered on to the density table where it is graded then conveyed to the weighing buffer bins

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