Our Vision

To be a coffee miller and marketer of choice in Kemya

Unique Selling Proposition

We are the only milling and marketing in Kenya that is fully presented and owned by small scale coffee producers. We are dedicated to source the finest coffee from our member producers for our customers. as we are producers organization, we are non profit making organization that is able to offer services to our customers. We have been selling coffee through direct sales and Central Auction( NCE).

Currently Kenya has two coffee marketing systems; Central coffee auction system and Direct sales system or “second window

Auction System

The time tested auction system referred to as the Nairobi coffee exchange, is a market where licensed coffee dealers buy coffee through a competitive bidding .Coffee auctions are conducted every Tuesday.The coffee exchange is under the management of the Kenya coffee producers and traders association.

The Kenya coffee is noted for its democratic auction system.

In this system samples of each lot are made available to the buyers a week prior to the weekly auction. If the bidder or the (bidders customers) are interested in a particular lot of coffee they enter the auction for that lot.

In this transparent auction the highest bidder wins-no insider deals are cut. The result of this system is that generally the best coffees commands the highest prices with the highest fetching coffees being Grade AA.

The Nairobi Coffee Exchange is mandated to manage the coffee central auction in the country. In order to achieve its mandate as the manager of the trading floor as efficiently and to the benefit of the coffee industry

Coffee is marketed through the Nairobi coffee exchange through at auction system. The licensed coffee dealers competitively bids for the coffee and the highest bidder carries the day.

Direct Sales

The Kenyan Government has recently approved rules that enable and govern the direct sales of Kenyan coffee to buyers abroad. This is an alternative to the previous “central auction” system, whereby all Kenyan coffee was only able to be bought and sold at the weekly central coffee auctions. This system has long faced criticism regarding unfair or colluding prices, as well as restraining the producers’ selling ability. The introduction of direct sales, also known as “the second window”, provides another marketing outlet to overseas buyers and will allow Kenyan coffee farmers to negotiate more profitable deals by removing the chain middlemen that ordinarily dominate the coffee auctions. Farmers will however have to sell their coffee through locally registered marketing agents, though these agents will only be licensed by the government after demonstrating correct knowledge and ability within the international coffee sector, as well as providing bank guarantees for their farmers. These rules are in place to prevent producers falling victim to the likes of conmen and other fraudsters.