Besides milling and marketing, we also pray a big role of advisory to our farmers in various areas of coffee production

Farmers Training and Extensions

As Part of MCCMCU’s responsibility for ensuring high quality coffee that meets the global standards, advice to the farmers on good coffee husbandry is key to our operations. This component of working with farmers is handled by our training and extension department. Qualified extension staff work with the farmers throughout the year to ensure that we get the right quantity and quality of coffee that meets the demands of our customers

Farm Inputs

Coffee just like any other crop requires nutrients for it to produce sufficient quality crop. As farmers are paid only twice in a year, we step in to offer the necessary farm inputs on credit. Our aim is to ensure that farmers just focus on production of coffee and not procurement of inputs required. By procuring for all our farmers we often benefit from economies of scale whose benefits the farmers enjoy.

Provision of Crop Advances

Coffee farming in our region has two seasons in a year; the main crop and the fly crop. It is only during these two seasons that farmers are paid. However, throughout the year, farmers are busy in their farms attending to their coffee and as such incur some costs. Therefore, we together with other partners in the financial sector come in and support our farmers access the much needed crop advance for various coffee farming purposes as they await to be paid for deliveries. This way we are able to ensure uninterrupted supply of coffee to our mill and more importantly enable our farmers to continue with their coffee production stress-free